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Why Google Offers has meant the death of Groupon for years.

I’ve been writing about the death of Groupon since February 2011 Offers, Wallet and Mobiles are the key to closing the feedback loop between online AdWords advertising and offline profitability. Smart local retail stores seeking to drive buyers from their Google search to […]

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“Save to Wallet”. The Key to Local AdWords Advertising – Google Has it, Groupon Doesn’t.

Google Announces “Save to Wallet” for Android phones This is another nail in the coffin of “Offers” providers outside the Google ecosystem. Why? I’ve been writing since 2011 about Google Offers and The Death of Groupon. This development brings it […]

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“Living Social and Google Offers Putting the Heat on Groupon” – When Getting Paid is Important …

As I’ve been going on about in my recent posts, it’s all about “following the money“. The Faster Times and Joshua M. Brown issue a warning and an excellent article at The article lists 10 important points and finishes […]

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Google’s Groupon-killer: more people agree with me …

  GOOGLE OFFERS REVEALED: Here Are The Secret Details About Google's Groupon-Killer   Distribution and closing the loop between online offers and offline sales conversions is the key – and Google has all the infrastructure in place like no other […]

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“The Death of Groupon” – What Perry Marshall says …

Perry as ever is right on the money with several observations: Google is learning about commercially useful data, it's value, and the demographics of it, all the time (like 5 to 20 times a second, which is the time of an average […]

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Groupon is Dead – they just don’t know it yet. There’s going to be more to Google Offers than meets the eye …

We've all been aware of Google's recently rejected bid for Coupon Group Groupon. But as usual, Google's eyes are on a potentially bigger prize. And again, their Systems Integration and Scalability approach is key. Yesterday I had a closed doors […]

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Retail Promotions – Showcase your promotions and get your customers’ attention.

Add promotions to your product listings on Google Shopping to make them stand out. Distribute your promotions on other Google properties such as Google Maps for Android and the Google Offers app, and attract shoppers to your store. I have […]

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