David Rothwell and adwords managementOriginally from Staffordshire in the UK (known for pottery, like Wedgwood and Spode), and now living in Bracknell, Berkshire (near Windsor) with 8 years in Swindon, Wiltshire and a brief stay in Slough.

Married to Lynne since 1996, she is a teacher, and I’m the house husband since I was laid off in 2001, looking after our 2 young boys.

I’m self-employed since 2001 after 20 odd years in IT.

Originally an electronics engineer (apprenticeship) in radio, audio and TV, starting 1976 on leaving school after dabbling as a hobby for several years.

In 1980, I got into repairing computers and then spent 25 years in total in IT with firms like Plexus Computers Inc., Olivetti Europe, and Hewlett Packard. Here’s my Corporate CV.

Last employed in 1997 as European IT Manager for a USA based global firm servicing the semiconductor industry. I grew the Europe region from 120 staff to 350, expanded from 4 sites to 12, brought order from chaos, setup a European support centre and helpdesk with 4 staff, and had a blast.

Unemployed in 2001 after the dotcom crash, and my fate was sealed by 9/11 after which hundreds of people were chasing any IT job going.

So I decided to go it alone and along the way I learned about website publishing, marketing, advertising, SEO and AdWords Management (since 2003).

I accidentally discovered Perry Marshall in 2004, then Bryan Todd, Ken McCarthy and later Sean D’Souza, Glenn Livingston, David Bullock, Howie Jacobson and others in our industry.

I got into Google AdWords full-time in 2005 and have managed accounts literally the world over since then.

In 2008 I started experimenting a little with the AdWords Conversion Optimizer (not to be confused with Website Optimizer). The following year I was able to spend a lot more time with it and uncover more of its unguessed-at potential.

One of my clients was able to generate over 29,635 lead conversions, typically converting around 100 or so a day. By pushing these campaigns as hard as we could, we discovered startling possibilities (see Case Studies).

When I shared some of my findings with my good friend Bryan Todd at Perry S. Marshall and Associates, they insisted I present this to their attendees at their first AdWords Elite Masters Summit on Maui, Hawaii.

I’ve been one of their expert resources since, and have also spoken to audiences at Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar in Chicago and New York, and Howie Jacobson’s Camp Checkmate Seminar, Chicago.

Starting in 2012, I introduced Free AdWords Management, based on Commission only for Leads and Sales.

This is the ultimate in AdWords Management services, where you only pay for actual Sales or Leads.


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  1. Hi David,

    Thought i would visit your site and say ‘Hello’ – how’s the testing going in Hemel HempStead?
    Talk to you Friday via Skype!


  2. being able to convert cliks to sales, I am afraid to commit to a weekly/dailly cpc as I’m not sure my site is good enough. I bought the site fully loaded but to be honest, I am really just interested in my mobility scooters and mobility equipment. Can you help?

    Tony Gunn

  3. Hi Tony,

    you probably need a dedicated site just for the mobility equipment. Are you competitive in this area?

    Get back to me if you need further help now we’re back from vacation.

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