At a recent Engage Agency Day in London, Google presented more information about the benefits (as they see them) of across multiple .

I personally use a Nexus 4 phone, a Nexus 7 Tablet, and a Nexus 10 Tablet, and I use them all in different ways in different settings, or “user context” as Google describes it.

Enhanced Campaigns hold a lot of promise, but are causing chaos for many AdWords advertisers who are targeting multiple devices differently in separate campaigns.

These separate campaigns are set to be merged automatically by Google on July 22nd. And Google is now aggressively reminding us of that with a countdown box when you look at your campaigns.

Whereas now, you can treat smartphones, tablets, mobile networks (e.g Verizon, T-Mobile), Operating Systems (e.g IOS, ) all differently, Enhanced campaigns don’t have this granularity of control.

now cards

Google’s world-view has become much more simplistic for devices – you’re on a Computer, or a Mobile Device.

All devices, Networks, Operating Systems, sizes and shapes become the same.

Except we know they aren’t – maybe in the future we’ll see Google giving us back some level of control, but for now they’re taking it away and we’ve got to figure out how best to deal with it.

Because we constantly move from device to device in the new interconnected world, it’s crucial for AdWords advertisers to be able to follow searches, impressions, clicks, and conversions from users across all the devices they use.

At the Agency Day, Google were at pains to point out that they are not giving up on to track user activity.

But – cookies do not follow devices around. So cookies cannot be responsible for cross-device tracking.

If you get cookied from an ad click, that cookie stays on your device (e.g your work PC), unless you block or clean it. It will expire in 30 days.

Google were also not giving any details on cross-device tracking, so we don’t yet know (other than a feature of Google Analytics) how it’s going to be done.

[lts_blockquote align=”right” cite=”~CNET”]Google Now comes closer to , shares TV show info The Android version of Google’s notification system can reveal background about TV you’re watching, and Google is wiring Now up to , too.[/lts_blockquote]

I’ve already posted about how Google’s Holy Grail is everyone logged in to their Google account.

The other aspect of this is Chrome – which already synchronises between devices. It’s greatly useful for when moving around between them.

Those of us with Android phones already know about Google Now and how useful it can be – it reminds you about upcoming events you know about, and even those you don’t (like traffic conditions, local beauty spots and so on).

So, the key to cross-device tracking in my opinion is to encourage everyone to login to their Google account and use Chrome.

How do they do that?

By making it fantastically useful.

Google Now is coming soon to the Desktop, and when it does, that will be another powerful incentive to use more of Google’s services.

Google Now comes closer to Chrome, shares TV show info – CNET (blog), 27 Jun 2013 12:10:47 GMT

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