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“Building a better shopping experience”

It’s all over the Internet, and official – Google just killed free clicks on .

Actually, this has always been on the cards, always, and anyone who couldn’t see it coming has been blind.

This is all about value.

Clicks have value. Google know the value of a click better than any organisation on the planet.

And the role and Value of the AdWords PPC Consultant just became more significant than ever before.

If you don’t want clicks, don’t bother having a website, or an AdWords account.

If you don’t want to sell stuff online, forget about Google.

You too, absolutely have to know the value of your clicks. And their relationship with your .

Because you are about to be hit where it hurts – in the wallet.

They are absolutely right that a commercial relationship is critical to this – too long has there been so much junk around that people can’t be bothered clearing it up because “it’s free” (well, actually, that’s misguided anyway, nothing on the Internet is “free”).

Why do you think Google gave us ?? So you could call the financial shots, not them.

What did they get in return? Commercial DATA. The value of clicks and Sales.

When you read Google’s announcement below, notice the timing of their impementation – Fall 2012.

That wouldn’t be just in time for Christmas, would it?

I predict Google is going to have a bonanza this next gift-giving season – for them, Xmas just came early.

I call it “Follow the Money” – when you do it right, you , so spend it all.

In Jerry Maguire, it was “Show Me The Money!”

Full article by Google here: