I've been saying since 's first AdWords Maui Elite Masters Summit in 2010 that split testing just two ads in your ad groups is, shall we say, not the best idea (delusional maybe).

Now, with Enhanced Ad Extensions, Google is ready to explode many more of your related ads into the top spots. And the split-testing myth has now been put to rest.
In my opinion, this is the most significant development *ever* in AdWords – potentially 5 of your own ads instead of just one in the top spot above the organic rankings:
This is going to do huge things for Google's click earnings – and undoubtedly good things for advertiser clickthrough rates (CTR).
However, spending all this extra money on your ad clicks can only ever be a good idea if its profitable.
So make sure your and () are all in place and robust.
Check your segmentation (previously ).
Remember to "" – like Google does.

Questions still remain about how this works, like

  • Are these ads served only from the same ad group
  • Or from anywhere in the campaign
  • Or from anywhere in the account
  • Do you need a minimum number of ads
  • Do they have to have different urls
Google's wording seems to indicate they will pull them from anywhere in the account, and this makes sense 
  • to maximise their ad serving capability
  • to maximise the ad CTR opportunity for the account holder
  • is entirely consistent with what they do with keywords (as revealed by keyword diagnostic tests)
I'm finally launching my Commission-Only AdWords Management service based on a rate card of monthly commission payments in arrears for achieved to your own target CPA for many-per-click .
Contact me for more information, and watch the site for more pages explaining how it works, who its for, and whether you can apply – there are strict terms and roles and responsibilities.