We've all been aware of Google's recently rejected bid for Coupon Group .

But as usual, Google's eyes are on a potentially bigger prize.

And again, their Systems Integration and Scalability approach is key.

Yesterday I had a closed doors meeting with our Google Agency Manager here in UK.

I'm not at liberty to disclose the details, but she indicated a new service coming along in the USA.

It's coupon based, and no doubt part of the Google stable.

When mentioned, I could immediately see all kinds of exciting possibilities not even considered before, and very elegantly combining several parts of the Google infrastructure.

I bet the engineers involved are loving yet another toy to play with…!

I can't say any more, but you heard it here first.

Meanwhile, consider the following:

  • Google offered nearly $6bn for Groupon (see Businessweek)
  • So they are obviously seriously interested in the Coupon offer idea
  • And, since they could not buy an already functioning machine, now they'll have to build it themselves
  • Can they build it? Of course
  • Will it be better than rivals? Undoubtedly
  • Can anyone else match the reach and depth of Google's Infrastructure? No
  • Could Groupon do what Google is going to do? No

This is going to be a very interesting year for Product Merchants …

(Read Perry Marshall's follow up article here)

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